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So Sayeth the Diaper-Changing Queen

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1st March 2009

11:10pm: more snow day (night) updating
Haha, I am gleeful.   It is snowing, D.C. is meant to have 4-7 inches over the night.   My county has already cancelled school for tomorrow. 

I am going to sit back, curl up on the couch with the roomie, watch some Psych, and drink a beer at 11:00 at night on a Sunday!  And like it!  
Current Mood: cheerful

28th January 2009

2:09pm: have pics and stuff

Ha, SNOW AT LAST!!!!!!!   Life is good.  Before certain friends start feeling too superior, be aware that yesterday (when the snow started and everyone else closed)  was spent at work as it was a teacher training day.  The trainer guy was actually a Minnesotan who spent the whole time making jokes at our expense.  That's okay.  I can stay home and be lazy today.  Actually, I can't.  I have a bunch of progress reports (aka report cards for the pre-k set) to write.  But instead, I shall procrastinate by organizing and uploading Ecuador photos.  Unfortunately I don't have any of us whitewater rafting or caving or any of those cool parts of the trip - we had a friend who was taking those pictures with her extra-sturdy waterproof camera, which she then lost.  :-(  Still,  there's some good ones of orchids and jungle plants and Colonial Old Town Quito.  Enjoy! 


Current Mood: satisfied

19th January 2009

2:32pm: Murphy's law
Why is it that in the coldest week of the year (yes, I know certain Minnesotans are laughing at me for considering 15 degrees cold, but I am a Washingtonian and it is!)  my classroom heater chooses to die?  And why is it that it takes three trips to our room over the course of an entire week for a repairman to figure out that actually, there's a part broken and a new one that needs to be ordered to fix it?  Which, of course, will probably take a whole  other week to arrive?  Why, people, WHY?????    

*pulls out the wraps and woolen sweaters*  
Current Mood: melancholy

20th November 2008

2:53pm: life events
Things that are fun:
  Birthday presents of a day at the spa.  Very enjoyable. 
  Having friends in from out of town.  Super fun. 
  Overall weekends of birthday excellence. 


Things that are evil: 
  Germy four year olds.
  Germy four year olds whose germs give you colds.
  Being unable to speak above a whisper because of said cold. 
  To a class of seventeen four year olds. 


(taking a sick day, as you might have guessed) 
Current Mood: sick

31st October 2008

7:43pm: so there, red state
I would just like to announce that when the Riverside Rockets (schooled in the "red" state of Virginia) voted in their mock Presidential Election today, the winner by a clear majority was none other than Barack Obama.  I am deeply satisfied. 

Also - Happy Halloween!

12th October 2008

2:53pm: Long Weekend! Excitement!
Wow, I never update now that I have an actual career going on.  Must be that whole getting home and turning into a pumpkin at 10:00 thing.  It's very sad, I can't even stay up for Jon Stewart anymore!  I have no life!  But I do like my job.  I have sixteen adorable four year olds in my class, they keep me on my toes for sure!  They are good kids for the most part though.  We are having lots of fun learning about "weather" and "the seasons" and "fall" at the moment.  We get to play around with fun fall crafts and other educational projects -though of course, they don't care about that - playground half-hour is their favorite time of day!  I would have to say that naptime is my favorite time of day.  *grin*  No just kidding.  

So the job is going well, busy, but good.  Lesson planning on the weekends is not really fun, but what can you do.  In pre-k you do not get any such thing as built-in planning time, due to the fact that your kids don't go to Art or Music or any of those specials, which is when all the other grades plan.  I have been told by my resource teacher that I might eventually get such a magical thing as a "planning sub" to come and cover for me so I can actually plan for an hour or two during the week but I am not holding my breath.  Budget shortfalls and all that good stuff.

The new apartment is very exciting!  It is pretty much all unpacked now even.  Only took about a month and a half!  Liz and I have skills, don't we.  We had our housewarming last weekend, which was a great party, (maybe a little to great for some people)  but overall a lot of fun.  Ms. Liz is off in Ireland now, lucky wench, along with half her extended family.  So I am lazing around on my long weekend ALONE.  ABANDONED.  SO SAD.  NOTHING TO DO BUT PAY BILLS.  *weeps*   

Drama done.  Going to catch a movie with a friend later.  Hugs, everyone!    

Current Mood: content

14th August 2008

9:51pm: OMG!
Facebook is completely and utterly terrifying because it enables you to randomly come across your high school boyfriend and then you have to SEE WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE NOW.    And he is BALD AND HAS A UNIBROW.   OMG SO WRONG.  WRONGWRONGWRONGWRONG. 

*hides under the covers and tries to erase all memories of making out with him*

4th August 2008

8:21pm: huh, August already
Wow, summer is flying by.  Cannot believe it is already August and in about three weeks I will be starting my new full time job as a teacher in Faifax County Public Schools!  Yay, employment!  And yay, living wages and benefits!  I had my Human Resources orientation about a week  and a half ago, in which they have you fill out all your various and sundry tax forms and direct deposit forms and - the most exciting part for me - Health Insurance forms!  I am such a geek but it will be so nice to have "cheap" health insurance.   Hoo-ray. 

  Roomie and I are still apartment questing.  Since my school will be all the way in the Alexandria portion of Fairfax County, we are giving up the Rockville location and moving to Virginia.  God, that will be so odd.  Not being a Marylander anymore!  Living in a Red State!  Though, the Post this morning did declare Virginia a swing state in this election!  So, who knows.  Anyway, we are looking mostly in Arlington, as that seems a reasonable halfway point between Alexandria and her job in Bethesda.  For all the apartments there, it has been quite a freakin' quest trying to find something that is A. In our price range.  B. In a convenient location. and C.  Not the exact same apartment we live in now for $500 more.  Oh and D.  That someone wants to give to us, not some other applicant!    Bleagh.  Apartment shopping sucks.  But we did find a couple good prospects today.  We will have to keep our fingers crossed. 

  Not too much else is going on.  Went to a Nat's game this weekend with my aunt and uncle and cousins from Jersey, who were in town, and the parents.  That was fun.  They even won!  Except for the part where we Metroed back and the Red Line was single tracking and this meant dealing with Massively Frustrated Dad.  Never an enjoyable experience.  Actually, rather like dealing with my four year old.  *rolls eyes* 

 Later in the week - Trivia Night!  And possibly a date?  Have to see what I hear back from this boy.   Hopefully it will not end with him pretending to be stuck in an elevator like the last poopyheaded boy. 

Night people! 
Current Mood: accomplished

16th June 2008

9:55pm: cheer up, self
  In an effort to stop sulking about STUPID POOPYHEAD BOYS who go on really FUN, EXCITING DATES with you and SEEM ALL INTERESTED and crap and then TURN INTO GIANT FLAKES AND DISAPPEAR, (*ahem*), I have decided to express in list form all good things going on in life instead.  So.  The stop-pouting-about-boys-and-cheering-self-up-list.  TADA!

1.  Friends are good.  Friends who hang with you in the Virgin Islands are very good.  Friends who come to you & your roomie's BBQs and help you set up and then help you drag everything inside when it starts pouring rain and hang with you afterwards to watch 1970s musicals are also very good.   Overall, girlfriends are excellent.   Men?  Who need's 'em. 

2.  Job interviews.  Those are good.  They imply I might actually have a job at some point.  The fact that I have four scheduled over the course of three days is vaguely terrifying.  But overall, good.  More chances of getting hired, right?  And people that like me enough to call me up to interview at an actual school for an actual position are definitely good.  So yay for that. 

3.  Trips to Greece!  Definitely good!  That was a graduation present and a half.  I did not want to leave.  Sooo nice.  I was in Athens and Santorini and Crete and Rhodes, which were all really different places, but all amazing.  Possibly good for the checkbook that I did have to go home.  But it was such a nice trip.  I have been putting some (not all 250!) pictures up online, if you feel inspired they are at  http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w35/jendry_photos/

4. Summer plans are good.  Looking forward to Wolf Trap concerts and possible amusement park trips and visiting cousins and attending friends weddings and other friends crashing for the weekend and various other summer activities.  Actually it will be a really busy summer.  Which is good.  No time for sulking. 

Okay, that's it for now.  I feel slightly better.  Also, sweeping Musical Soundtrack always cheers me up.   Yes, I like cheesy musicals.  So sue me. 
Current Mood: dorky

16th May 2008

5:32pm: ?!?


Now:  long-deserved Girls TM (-1, v. sad) reunion vacation in the VIRGIN ISLANDS!  Yay, graduation and vacation!  And being DONE!
Current Mood: ecstatic

3rd May 2008

2:30pm: the countdown...
Yes.  It's official.  I have a presentation date - and I have exactly 4 days and 2 1/2 hours until I have to present my portfolio of graduate work to Towson's panel of early childhood professors.  And sound professional doing so, and of course actually have good work that matched THE STANDARDS, or, you know, I FAIL AT GRAD SCHOOL.  THE END. 

So, um, everyone who I haven't called/e-mailed/talked to in weeks/months/far too long, I'm sorry I am a bad friend.  I will be over here freaking out, and I will resurface in a week or so.  Hopefully, with a graduate degree.  I will try and be a good calling/e-mailing/in contact friend then.  In the meantime - caffeine injections and minor hysterics.  Yeah!  Fun times!
Current Mood: crazy

19th April 2008

4:25pm: SHE'S ALIVE!!!
Geez, haven't posted in like a month.  Well, life craziness will do that.  What is new and exciting then.  Well:

1.  Finished my student teaching.  That was sad to say  goodbye to all the kids in my class there.  On the other hand, having time to do my homework is useful to that whole passing grad school thing.  Speaking of which, I have about a month left.  EEEK.  Seriously, a month, and then I am DONE.  I am torn between super excited and oh God, I have far too many large projects to do in just a month!  AAAAAAHHHHHH.   Stress?  What stress?  On the other hand, I have fun vacations to look forward to after said month of craziness!  Yay, vacations. 

2.  Hey, guess what!  I have health insurance now!  State of Maryland has program that  lets people who have had COBRA coverage expire, or who have tried to get health companies to cover them and been denied  - both of which=ME - get coverage.  Yay for living in a blue state.  And for not having to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for my prescriptions.  Seriously.  And you want to know the irony?  It's actually well cheaper than the regular health company plan I had before.  Tax dollars at work, I suppose.   Huh.

It's all springlike and sunny over here - I really want to go skirt shopping.  I should probably be sensible and work on my portfolio instead.  Seeing as I have to present that in less than a month and prove that I'm, y'know, worth of a degree and all that good stuff.  Right.  Off I go to list every article and text and book I have read in the last two years related to education. 

Have a picture!  Isn't it cute?  My student teaching class gave this to me when I finished.  I totally melted. 

2nd March 2008

7:00pm: *blink*
I have just spent the entire afternoon writing lesson plans.  And it is a Sunday, weekend, this should be a fun relaxing non-work day, but I am sitting on my bed writing lesson plans for the next week of my student teaching.  Madame Zelda says, "E_E, this is your future," and I am deeply afraid she is right. 
Current Mood: amused

24th February 2008

11:51am: JESUS CHRIST!!!
Oh for fuck's sake.  Didn't Mr. Nader screw us all over enough last time he felt the need to jump into politics?  Condemning us to eight years of Bush wasn't enough for him?  Now he has to throw his hat in AGAIN?!?!  Doesn't he see he's going to be doing the EXACT SAME THING - taking votes away from the Democrat!  I'm sure John McCain is having a field day with this!   DOES HE WANT ANOTHER EIGHT YEARS OF CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!!!!  


*goes off to beat head against a wall*
Current Mood: infuriated

16th February 2008

4:53pm: YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: excited

13th February 2008

2:03pm: really i do exist
Stealing a page from rissyau and finally updating on a snow/ice day.  No student teaching today, since apparently the roads are too icy to get around.  I don't know, I haven't left the apartment since voting midday yesterday - class was cancelled last night too.   So today is my chance to do homework and work on my resume and write lesson plans and I figured instead of all that practical stuff I would post instead. 

Feeling the need to bitch a little about health insurance companies.  My COBRA insurance is about to run out, so I have been shopping around for independent coverage.  But, of course, every plan that I have investigated or applied to has either refused me, or told me there's no point in even applying because they'll just refuse me anyway.  Because, of course, what would be the point of of a health insurance company offering coverage to someone who might actually need to use it?  I mean, gosh, how would they make their profits then, if they had to actually chip in for prescription drugs and doctors visits and things that people like me need?  Oh right, they wouldn't, so they won't even bother covering us.  Because there's no point in offering health insurance to people who actually need it - then they'd have to spend money, instead of taking it out of their customers in the form of ridiculous premiums!   Fucking fuckers.   I am just so angry that someone like the roomie, who will never need health insurance for anything other than checkups unless she gets hit by a car, has no trouble finding independent coverage.  But I, who actually need it, can't get coverage.  CAPITALIST PIGS!!!!!!

Okay, moving on.  Student teaching is going well.  I like my class a lot.   Tomorrow I am having my first observation by the university supervisor, the person who comes in and presumably evaluates my teaching skill.  So that is a bit nerve-wracking, especially as this will be on the same day as our Valentines Day party.  Can we say sugar-hyped?  Yes we can.  Eek.  But on the bright side, it's only the first observation, so if it goes totally horribly, I have no where to go but up. 

Well, off to go do actual work.  Hope ya'll are doing well and have less evil health insurance experiences than I do. 
Current Mood: frustrated

3rd January 2008

8:46pm: home, sweet home
Back home again after the holiday season of much traveling.  Have been roadtripping since Christmas with Mom and brother from home to New Jersey to Minnesota in one vast relative-visiting sweep.   The roadtripping itself was long but fairly uneventful except for the giant snowstorm we plowed into between Chicago and Wisconsin.  I think we passed a skidded-off or overturned tractor trailer next to the highway about every ten minutes for a while.  There was general consensus we would not tell my dad about that part of the trip.  But once we got there it was fun!  Went tubing for the very first time ever and even managed not to fall off, at least in front of my cousins! 

Then got to go visit pacbarbie in her home for New Years.  That was super fun.  We went to a very glitzy party for New Years Eve, where were probably the most demurely dressed ladies there, and spent New Years Day shopping and visiting small relatives of pb and watching a marathon session of BBC's Pride and Prejudice.  There was much giggling and saying "OH, Mistah DAHCY!"  In short, girliness abounded.  Now, in order to counter the girliness, prof_bosley is coming to visit me this weekend!  Well, actually, do something work-related and crash on our couch for a bit.  Close enough.  Anyway, it will be a fine series of reunions. 

Must go back to work tomorrow.  Most of today was actually spent on the phone with Verizon trying to figure out why my computer lies to me and tells me I have internet connection when I do not.  I am still not clear on why it was lying to me, but whatever Stephanie the Magic Verizon Lady did during our hour and half phone call eventually made it stop.  Yay for Stephanie.

So belated Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying 2008!   And the neverending Iowas Caucus coverage!  Let the winnowing begin...
Current Mood: satisfied

16th December 2007

7:53pm: *glees*
Ya'll want to know what I just spent the last hour doing? READING. That's what. Reading early literacy textbooks or John Dewey's thoughts on curriculum or how to include special needs learners you ask? Oh no. OH NO. I WAS READING FICTION.  FOR FUN.  AHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh yeah.  That's right.  I am actually reading for fun.  Do you know how long it's been since I've done that?  TOO TOO LONG.  I am so happy about this it's RIDICULOUS.

Okay, that's it.  Just needed to share the joy.  Now, without further spasms of glee, back to my historical fiction (yay!) (okay just that one!  really!) about women in 19th century China.   Oh, pleasure reading.  How I have missed thee.
Current Mood: dorky

6th December 2007

10:02pm: insanity, i tell you!
It snowed yesterday. Snow in D.C. Actual snow, covering the grass stalks and everything. Before Christmas. I am totally baffled. Three weeks ago it was about 70 degrees. And now we have snow. Makes no sense, I tell you.

Want to hear the homework count, everyone?
Reading Beliefs Paper - Done!
Comparative Reading Programs Project - Done!
Inclusion Resource Notebook on Autism, Sensory Integration Disorder, & ADHD - Done!
Powerpoint and presentation on the inclusion notebook to my class - Done and done!

Still to do -
Curriculum Philosophy Paper
And, last but not least
The Curriculum Analysis Project of Doom!!!!!

All due Monday. I will be having a not so fun weekend. But then I'll be done! Hah, the end is in sight!
Current Mood: tired

17th November 2007

5:35pm: why yes I am a clotheshorse
Just got back from shopping with L and my mom. This having an internship in public schools next semester is very bad for my pocketbook! I keep thinking, "It's okay to spend money on clothes - you're going to need them next semester when you can't wear ratty sweaters and jeans to work anymore! Yes, it's for work, so it's totally okay to buy that cute shirt from NY & Co.!" Ah...sweet sweet justification.

On the other hand, shopping with Mom is even better, because we walk into Ann Taylor, only intending to take a quick glance at everything, and walk out an hour later with an entire outfit for me. Birthday/Christmas present, so again, it's totally okay! Oh, malls are so evil. Evil evil moneysuckers.

Must go shower now - going to hit up Georgetown tonight for my belated b-day party. Should be fun!
Current Mood: chipper

12th November 2007

12:20pm: rockin' concerts

Must return to real life now...but in case any of you all were doubting! THE MAN. (and the E Street Band rocks too!)
Current Mood: giddy

1st November 2007

10:57pm: Haha, my favorite!
Current Mood: amused

30th October 2007

6:28pm: moral dilemma
So today as I was substituting at the preschool, the director comes up to me and says, "I know you've been working really hard for us lately, and I wanted to find some way to show our appreciation.  I wondered if there was some sort of gift you would like for your birthday that we could get you, to show our appreciation blah blah blah."  Which doesn't sound like it should inspire dilemmas of any sort, who doesn't like have their work acknowledged, or birthday presents?  Well, here's the issue.  I am actually really angry at the director and the administration in general right now, because just Friday they up and fired one of the senior teachers for, as far as I can figure out, no justifiable reason at all.  This teacher had just a few weeks ago been transferred over from one class to another that has been having some serious organizational issues, and she had been working her ass off getting all the observations and paperwork each kid needs done, getting interesting lessons planned for them, getting documentation up and posted on the walls, and working on getting kind of classroom structure going that that room really needs and the other two teachers sure aren't supplying!  And yet, now she's fired, because, I don't know, she wasn't down on the kids level enough, or going out of the room too often to get stuff, or some such idiocy.  I really honestly think the staff at the main office was just looking for any excuse to fire her, because they've never liked her.  But every single staff member at the school thinks it's crap, even the assistant director thinks it's crap!  But oh no, the director won't stand up to main office, so now she's fired, when, on top of it all, she's four months pregnant.  Yeah, real compassionate.

So, this is me being hugely upset with the director for 1. screwing this teacher.   2.  screwing all the kids and the other teachers, because there's no permanent replacement teacher.  and  3.  screwing me, because she asked me last Friday to work on the days I don't have class for the next few weeks, but told me I would just be extra staff there to help out.  There was no mention of the fact that she was firing this teacher, so I'm actually not just extra support, I'm the main teacher for a lot of the day.  Which is not bloody fair to me.  I am a substitute, it is not on me to fix all the problems that class has.  And she knows I'm mad about her firing the other teacher, so now that she's walking up to me and asking me what little appreciative present I would like feels like she's trying to placate me with some trinket.  Which just doesn't seem fair to me.  A box of chocolate will not solve how massively unfair they have been to this teacher and to the rest of us.  She was working harder than me, and she didn't get an offer of an appreciative gift, she got fired. 
So now I don't know whether I should tell the director that I don't want anything, for reason x, y , & z,  or just let it go.  I mean, I have been working my ass off for them.  That much is true.  I just don't know if it would feel right accepting anything from them now.  ARGH.  

On a lighter note, Prof.  B. came to visit this weekend!  That was super fun.  We ate lots of yummy food and made bad jokes about goats.  MAABAA!!!  And I went to a Halloween party and flirted with a cute boy, so that was also fun.  So really it's just work life that is sort of crappy right now.    Okay, going to cheer myself up with some Simpsons and then maybe do some homework.
Current Mood: tired

13th October 2007

1:31pm: Yes it's that time of year again

*coughs violently*
*goes to find Robitussin*
Current Mood: sick

6th October 2007

2:12pm: SERIOUSLY?
Okay, Ann Coulter is a right-wing nutjob, goes without saying. But this? Really takes the cake.

    If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president. It's kind of a pipe dream, it's a personal fantasy of mine...
(Oct. 2nd, New York Observer interview)

I mean, really.  I don't know where to start.  Does she really not comprehend the consequences of this "pipe dream"?  Or is it actually so damn important to have the Republicans in charge, that she's willing to give up her civil liberties to ensure it?  You know, if she really thinks everything would be better if women were unable to vote, then why doesn't she just move to Saudi Arabia.  I'm sure she'd be very happy there.  *seethes*

Okay.  Must stop being enraged and go write a paper on my own personal Philosophy of Curriculum.   This, of course, requires me deciding what the hell my philosophy of curriculum is anyway.  It will be a very exciting weekend, I can tell.   Hope you all are having a more fun afternoon than me!
Current Mood: pessimistic
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